2021 Presentations

Addressing Misinformation with Critical Information Literacy, forthcoming August 2021, SCCIL Virtual Conference, Charleston, SC.

Building Supportive Pedagogical Communities in Libraries in Times of Crisis, June 2021, GLITR Virtual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Incorporating Critical Information Literacy into Instruction, March 2021, Anti-Racism Forum, Emory University Libraries, Atlanta, GA.

2020 Presentations

Data Literacy in the Classroom, August 2020, Summer Teaching Intensive, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Empathetic Assessment: Strategies and Techniques for Creating a User-Centered Assessment Culture, May 2020, CCLI Virtual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

2019 Presentations

From Fakes to Facts: How Librarians Can Foster Critical Thinking Among All Students, November 2019, Charleston Conference panel, Charleston, SC.

Academic Integrity in an Age of Misinformation, October 2019, ICAI Conference, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Open Humanities Career Beyond the Tenure Track panel, September 2019, Open Humanities Workshop panel, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

Assessing Media Literacy Keynote, June 2019, Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Thinking Critically about Sources in an Age of Misinformation Roundtable, April 2019, ACRL, Cleveland, OH.

Mindful Approaches to Media Literacy, February 2019, International Critical Media Literacy Conference, Savannah, GA.

2018 Presentations

Developing Social Studies Curriculum to Fight Misinformation, November 2018, NCSS, Chicago, IL (presentation materials)

The Great News Fake Off: Fighting Misinformation in the Library, March 2018, The Collective, Knoxville, TN (presentation slides and handout)

Junk Science and Fake News: Fighting Back with Science and Media Literacy​, February 2018, ISEA, Fort Worth, TX (presentation slides and handout)

News Literacy and Fake News, February 2018, TCEA, Austin, TX (presentation slides)

2017 Presentations

Fighting Fake News with Literacy Skills, October 2017, Mozilla Festival, London, UK

Fighting Fake News in the Library, October 2017, TLA District 3 Meeting, Austin, TX (presentation slides)

Mission:Information Training, August 2017, AISD ELA/Social Studies Summer Symposium, Austin, TX (presentation slides)

News and Web Literacy Workshop, May 2017, Excel Beyond the Bell, San Antonio, TX

Mission:Information Curriculum, February 2017, MisInfoCon, Cambridge, MA

2016 Presentations

Standing on the Shoulders of Diverse STEM Role Models, November 2016, CAST, San Antonio, TX

In Defense of Smarter Screen Time, SXSWEdu, March 2016, Austin, TX.

Community First Program Design, February 2016, ISEA Conference, Houston, TX.

2015 Presentations

Preparing for College and Beyond with Digital Literacy Skills, CTAN University, September 2015

Using STEM Concepts to Teach Information Literacy Skills in First-Year Library Classes, March 2015, ACRL, Portland, OR.

Creation Spaces: Teaching Students to Create & Explore with Code, February 2015, ER&L, Austin, TX.

2014 Presentations

Writing Active Learning Outcomes, presentation, August 2014, Focus on Teaching and Learning at Loyola University, Chicago, IL.

Teaching Data Visualization, poster session, March 2014, IACRL, Oak Park, IL.

Beyond the Research Paper: Creative Uses of Information Literacy in the Classroom, January 2014, Focus on Teaching and Learning at Loyola University, Chicago, IL.