Introducing Mission:Information: Project History and Development

Biography 19-31-18-771Mission:Information is an open-source and interactive curriculum that helps teens develop media and web literacy skills, and have some fun while doing so. This curriculum was initially created as a way to help teens deal with misinformation that they might encounter online, and it aims to empower learners to become strong consumers, producers, and distributors of media and news online. A main goal of this curriculum is to equip teens with the skills they need to not only fully engage in online news ecosystems but to also shape and create those ecosystems.

Mission:Information is now a growing portal that aims to empower a wide range of learners (from middle schoolers to grad students), educators, and anyone who might be interested in developing their media literacy skills and learning more about the challenges posed by our 21st century information ecosystems.

Mission:Information was created by Sarah Morris with support from the Mozilla Foundation as well as Open Austin and the Capital of Texas Media Foundation. The curriculum is open-source and free to use.

Use the links below to learn more about the project, see update, and find ways to get involved.

Project Links

Project Documentation

  • Engagement Ladder – see details on how to get involved, how you can contribute, and what skills are most needed
  • Project Vision and Roadmap – see the story behind Mission:Information and learn about future goals

Project News

Project Resources

Get Involved

Mission:Information is an ongoing and growing project. Here are a few ways to get involved!

  • Remix, and adapt this project to use with your learners
  • Visit our Legit-O-Meter site to learn more about the an online app being developed for this curriculum, and discover ways to get involved
  • Check out the project GitHub site for ways to contribute there
  • Get in touch with questions or ideas via email or Gitter.